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Architectural PE Exam?

I'm not sure if there are any architectural engineers in this community, but I figured I would post this and see how it goes.

I recently applied for a professional engineering license.  Seeing I have degrees in architectural engineering and architecture, I am planning to take the architectural exam.  I worked as an HVAC designer between undergrad and grad programs.  I could take the mechanical exam.  However, I would prefer to study the architectural applications of engineering rather than broader subjects that I haven't and won't likely use in practice.  When starting to prepare for the exam, I got overwhelmed by the list of references posted on the Architectural Engineering Institute's website.  I currently own 3 of them that are current and 1 that is outdated.  For those who are preparing for or have taken the exam, is it really necessary to have all 29 of them for the exam?  It is too expensive to purchase them all.  I am now thinking about studying them at a library and photocopying tables or anything that I would expect to need during the open-book exam.

For the architects, and anyone else who wants to weigh in on it, do you think a professional engineering license would add value to an architect's qualifications or is it just something extra in the eyes of employers or potential clients?  I am somewhat unresolved in whether to take the exam or not because I am not sure that I want to practice as an engineer.  My current interests are more architectural than engineering.  I decided to apply because I had previously told myself that I would do it after grad school.  A professor and former supervisor encouraged me to pursue professional registration in both disciplines.  I am also looking for ways to make myself a more qualified candidate and stand out from the pack once the economy creates a demand for designers again.  Any thoughts?

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